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Virto Commerce is the only enterprise level .net e-commerce product fully available under Open Source license. Virto Commerce is based on .NET 4.5 with extensive use of MVC, IoC, EF, Azure and many other cutting edge technologies.

Online Demo:  

Installing Virto Commerce open-source .net ecommerce platform on your environment

There are many ways to try Virto Commerce, from using demo to downloading and compiling full source code. If you need more than a demo, the easiest way to install is to use Microsoft Web Platform Installer, you can install Virto Commerce in both local environment and in azure.

To install using Web Platform Installer click the link below

Or use the azure create website wizard (in azure click NEW-> WEB SITE –> FROM GALLERY and select Virto Commerce)


While there are many other eCommerce platforms claiming to be "open source", all of them hide enterprise features (like faceted search, multi-language, multi currency, advanced promotions) under the commercial license. Their "community editions" are not enterprise-level platforms. We believe it should not be this way. That's why we created Virto Commerce.

It has been designed for developers and solution providers; it is a framework for deep and seamless customizations.

Platform features

  • Designed to be a framework, not a rigid platform, to make it easy to develop new features
  • Built using the latest technologies: .Net 4.5 Framework, Entity Framework 6, MVC5/Razor, (WCF, OData, Workflow Foundation, Unity, WPF, ClickOnce, HTML5, AngularJS)
  • Specifically designed for Microsoft Azure to allow on-demand scalability, performance and reliability
  • Has flexible and non-monolithic architecture where each part can be replaced or changed when needed
  • Utilizes Windows Workflow Foundation for business processes' customization
  • Complete source code is available to customize anything or to simply understand the logic better

Getting Started with Virto Commerce .net e-commerce platform

There are many ways to explore Virto Commerce. The easiest is to browse online demo which runs in azure environment. You can explore both front end and backend functionality, that demo is accessible from

If you want more hands on approach, please download SDK from the same location The SDK contains all required applications and is easy to setup without much knowledge of developer tools.

For the ultimate developer experience, simply download the source code package from here and follow the getting started guide and deploying to Azure guide to set it up.


Learn more

Virto Commerce Site:

Online demo store:





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